El Qué (The What):

Jingle Bilingual is a series of catchy, animated musical jingles that help kids learn a foreign language in a fun, innovative way. Each musical vignette features visuals matching the vocals and an element of surprise. Designed to appeal to early learners and align with the Common Core curriculum, Jingle Bilingual is the perfect tool for use in language programs for pre-K through grade 5.

语言 (The Languages):

Spanish, French, English, Mandarin

And coming soon…Arabic

Les Versions (The Versions):

For different learning and teaching styles we have two different versions of the jingle.

Immersion Version:

The jingle lyrics are viewable on the screen for immersion style learning.

Translation Version:

The jingle lyrics are viewable in both languages.


Jingle Bilingual is still in the DEVELOPMENT stage and we welcome your feedback!

To learn more contact SHELLY!


Watch the Jingles:


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